If there’s anything completely useful that i know at the age of fifteen almost sixteen is that life is an obstacle course and the audience is praying that you fail. Yes i’m a teenage girl thats been through far too much for my age. Hatred, war, and poverty just everyday shit right? Especially in my life. No i wont tell you my name because i am nobody, but i will tell you my story.

Ive lived with my grandmother since i was one years old in an old town that nobody pays attention to unless something goes wrong, My parents are addicts and have not taken care of my siblings and im since they practically forced my grandmother to take us. Don’t get me wrong, my grandmother loves us dearly and has done an amazing job on raising us kids, but i don’t find it fair that she parented her own children now has to parent her grandchildren as well. My parents take advantage of everyone, even my Nana (grandmother). My dad is the aggressive one, physically and mentally; he has called me multiple names and put several things in my head, one time he drove me to the point here i overdosed trying to kill myself, sadly i am still here. My dad has laid his hands on all of us before, i think i’ve gotten the worst of it though. I wrote this on December 16th 2016 and the last time my dad beat me was December 23rd 2015 , because i finally stood up and told. When i told i felt like i had a voice that mattered for once, i felt like people actually heard me! Until social services got involved and believed to have thought i was just a 14 year old girl crying wolf……


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