Teenage life

My parents dont understand the stuff i actually go through and i cant just blurt it out and tell them you know? its like unless it benefits there well being it doesnt concern them whatsoever. Im a highschool student taking all advanced classes, ive already gotten offers from colleges , im focused on athletics and its just ugh. My parents dont think that ill have a chance at anything successful in the future its actually very upsetting because i work my ass off. But on the bright side of whats been going on lately my sweet 16 is coming up and that makes me happy . Thanking my grandmother everyday for giving me this party.


2 thoughts on “Teenage life

  1. xventingteenx says:

    Hello, you are truly amazing, taking all these advanced classes, getting college offers and so on… You really are ๐Ÿ˜Š and from what you’ve said I’m pretty sure you will be really successful in life. I just wanted to ask, how do you know that your parents think you wouldn’t be successful? Most parents want their children to be successful and… happy. I’m quite sure they are very proud of you, it’s just that they don’t outright say it and trust me, your parents most likely brag to their friends about you. As for how they don’t understand… Well most people find it difficult to emphatise anyway and think about it, do you understand them as well? Why are they upset? Why do they seem like they don’t care? But in the end, I’d they really don’t care ( which I think is unlikely) then it is your life, why should you care? Continue your hard work and then proceeded to them you can and will be successful ๐Ÿ˜Š. Lastly, your birthday most likely passed by now but Happy belated sweet 16 to you ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰ ^-^.

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    • invisibleac says:

      Thank you for the many compliments i greatly appreciate them. My parents arent happy for anyone unless they get a benefited in the process , it s a cycle. They dont care , my whole life ive felt like im the parent to my younger brother in the family , i feel like ive parented him more in his thirteen years of life then my parents have. I will continue to work hard , thank you again for the very kind words. And thank you for saying happy birthday means a lot !


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