I’m currently in school writing this because as you can see i obviously don’t care if i get in trouble for not writing notes down for something i learned last year. School in my opinion is irrelevant , yes some of what they teach us could be very useful in the future depending on what field we go in to but other than that i don’t think what they’re teaching us is relevant in any way. When am i going to need Algebra 1? How do i pay bills? How do i apply to collect income tax? What if i want to be a writer? or follow my long life childhood dream to become a lawyer? or continue my love for soccer? No they do NOT teach us whats truly important , don’t talk if someone else is talking, stay in your seat, keep your hands to yourself, eyes on your own paper etc. that is what they care about! We read books with the N word on more pages than one but talking about rape and violence is something that shouldn’t be discussed. We were taught that just because it happened doesn’t mean we should talk about it , we were taught when to keep our mouths shut to be considerate of others feelings towards the topic. Teachers in my school are very disrespectful and use the word “ghetto” a lot . They say that we will not make it if we don’t follow their rules, we can not take our own paths because if we do we will automatically “fail at life” . Our music and fashion is branded as ghetto because of our interests and where we are from and live.


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