Why do boys think girls have it so easy? Do they actually think they have it harder than us? Im currently on my monthly and a couple boys said cramps dont hurt as much as we say they do that we just overreact, and us girls dont know what its like to have a hard life with our bodily functions. EXCUSE ME????? DID YOU JUST???? Let me throw a little knowledge on this very simple situation , yes boys do have hard times BUT do they bleed from their vagina for a week straight every month? Do they spend tons of money on medication to cure the pain and tampons/pads? Do they have to go out and buy new panties because perhaps a splash of blood gets on the pair youre wearing? Do they crouch over into a ball groaning in pain? Do they ever feel like someone is using their uterus as a trampoline? Do they push melon sized humans out of their pea sized hole? NO . I think females have it wayyyyyyy harder than boys do when it comes to our bodily functions so please if youre a boy shut up when a girl is on her monthly AND DO NOT ASK HER IF SHES ON IT BECAUSE THATS JUST ANOTHER WAY TO CALL HER A BITCH OR TO HINT SHES ACTING LIKE ONE!


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