Currently in history class watching some dumb movie which is totally irrelevant to what were learning but i mean what ever , id rather write anyways. Speaking of writing , ever since i was little I’ve always wanted to be two things when i grew up , either a journalist or a lawyer. Now that the days are slowly coming to an end , i need to start applying for colleges and making big future plans but i still cant decide between the two. I love to write , but being a lawyer was always a goal i wanted to achieve. I honestly am having a really hard time with this because like i said i need to make a decision, i wish i didn’t have too but i don’t need to be in debt more than i already would be. The only person in  my family that actually went to college was my sister and shes now a nurse for the mentally disabled. She didn’t always want to do that , she wanted to be a teacher , then she wanted to be a heart surgeon , then she wanted to be a coroner and now shes a nurse. Ugh this is hard , i don’t know which to choose .


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