What a life

For a long while now i’ve been thinking a lot about my future but i mean what high school student isn’t nowadays? I don’t really know what field i want to go in to because i love to write , i can write any time of the day , any day , doesn’t matter ; but then again my whole life i’ve dreamed about being a lawyer , i’m even in a criminal justice class in school where we go through things that would lead up to being part of the law system but i’m not so sure that’s what i want to do anymore. Its so hard deciding on one career for the rest of your life especially when you’re debating between two amazing careers. Even deciding between colleges! My school doesn’t apply any help for that either and my parents both didn’t go to college so they cant help so i’m basically alone on it which completely sucks! Also, everyone in my generation is searching for love and getting their hearts broken and its just so annoying because like ugh what the actual fuck.


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