What a generation

Listening to and watching videos and reading about how the 1950s were is so incredible to me , i feel as if i was born in the wrong generation. I live in a generation where every song that comes out has racial or sexual slurs in it, or how in every single movie there must be an act of violence or someone falling in love just to get their heart ripped out of their system once more. Teenage girls in the 20th century search and search for love but tend to look in all the wrong places, they believe that if they get hit and a man says it wont happen again that it honestly wont happen again, they go after the thugs and don’t give the nice nerdy guys a chance, they judge on how they dress or how their eyebrows are shaped, they do drugs and drink while getting completely wild at a party at the age of 13-17 just to fit in better, they “back it up” on guys thinking they’ll fall in love with her dance moves, they open their legs to everyone hoping and praying that someone one day will stay. Teenage boys in my generation laugh when they tear a girls heart to pieces, they join gangs and sell drugs in order to make more money than someone working at McDonald’s, they disrespect teachers to give entertainment and be known as the class clown. Adults in this generation go from ages 13- and up which is terrifying just to think of how a 13 year old girl had gotten pregnant in the first place , if you’re younger than someone you automatically get disrespect from your elders because you’re just a kid, no one knows the meaning of give to get. This generation has dropped so hard to rock bottom you cant even explain it using the right words because there are no right words to use when it comes to this topic!


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